Overview Edit

Bali is a hardworking young police dog. He plays a major role in helping Blaze rescue Adrian from the pound.

Role In The Series Edit

Bali first appears being ordered around by Maxwell. While he's out doing routine work, he sees a pug puppy around Blaze's age get captured by the dog pound. When he mentions this to Blaze, we learn that that the pug is Adrian. When Blaze races off to rescue his little friend, Bali follows. They meet the strays, Shiro, Orak, and Yodis the cat. Working together, they successfully free Adrian and the other dogs from the pound. Afterward, Bali remains a supporting character, and an overprotective uncle figure. He is usually away, working somewhere.

Physical Appearence Edit

Bali is a handsome, black Doberman mix dog with brown eyes. He's appears to be smaller than Maxwell. Bali has tan markings around his muzzle, ears and eyes. On his chest, he has a large, V shaped tan mark. Bali wears a police dog's collar, and he only wears the vest when he's working.

Personality Edit

Bali is kindhearted and friendly. He has a good sense of humor (unlike Maxwell) and enjoys joking around. As a police dog, however, he can be very serious. Bali is very caring toward Blaze, treating him as he would a younger nephew.

Relationships Edit

Bali was once a stray dog himself. Because of that, he treats all strays he meets with kindness. He's also very good at communicating and negotiating with them. Maxwell bosses him around quite a bit, but the two really have respect for each other. At times, Bali and Blaze will argue, due to Blaze's prejudice against stray dogs. Still, he is very protective of him and other puppies.

Quotes Edit

"I know what it's like to be 'scum'! I don't look down on anyone!"- Chapter 5 pg.8 (Vol.1)